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Ryobi 18v Battery Fix

The Ryobi 18v battery is manufactured by the Ryobi Corporation. The Ryobi Corporation is a famous manufacturer of large powerful tools, they are known for being innovative and affordable products, this is some of the core beliefs of the organisation. The new ryobi range produces a variety of products that are built to run on a single cell lithium ion battery. They provide a wide array of power tools such as stationary saws, lawnmowers, cordless tools, door closers, planers and also hand held drills. Aside from this, they also offer a selection of ryobi 18v battery(s) and other types of batteries, which are designed to power their cordless models.

The Average Ryobi 18v Battery Lasts 2-4 Years!!!

The Ryobi 18v battery can be used by anyone and fitting the battery is made very simple as must just plug in and go when connected to the drills, which is good because it saves people like me a huge amount of time and money when working on big building sites. Now the Ryobi 18v battery that is made readily available to a lot of power tools run off NiCd batteries. There is a common fault with a lot of NiCd batteries where they degrade over time, thus making them hold less charge and in some cases not hold a charge at all, this can typically be seen within 2-4 years of having the battery.

Now, as you probably know by now, a Ryobi 18v Battery is not cheap to come by. They can range from $50-120 dependent on your source of purchase and whether or not they are new or old. Now fixing the battery isn’t a hard task, infact I have created a step by step guide that can help you renew your battery thus saving you between $50-120 every time it becomes redundant. This fix isn’t scientific and you will be probably have most of the tools sitting at home in your garage, you just need to know the procedure to fix the battery and save you a lot of time and money. I have sold this guide to thousands of happy customers over the years, if you don’t believe me, check out our testimonials below, there is still a lot more to come, it just takes a lot of time to get round to updating my site, especially when I am out pricing up jobs.

“The results were fantastic, My battery was charging at 3volts and now its all the way up to 18volts!”Jerrod, Home Developer


“Its a downloadable ebook that shows people how to fix Nicad Batteries, Its a real simple process!”John Paul, Handyman


“A dead battery that wouldnt hold the charge revived and is now like new, It only took me 10 minutes!!!”Peter Simons, Part time Joiner/Construction Worker

Dewalt Battery

So don’t be put off by buying a Ryobi 18v battery, in fact, I actually suggest you buy one but do not buy a replacement battery until you have given this fix a try. It has expanded the length span of some batteries 100% which means instead of 2-4 years they got 6-8 years, Amazing right? So for just $20 you can have a fix which could mean never replacing your Ryobi 18v battery again? And to top it off I am going to chuck in some free bonuses.

Fix Your Blade

Worth $19, yours for FREE

If you purchase the Ryobi 18v battery, you will receive the “Fix Your Razorblade” Bonus guide! That’s right! We usually charge $19 for this! Find out how to “Fix your old razor blades” if you purchase the Ryobi 18v Battery guide!!!



Lead Acid Battery

Worth $19 yours for FREE

We will also give you a guide on how to fix your own lead car battery! This will be also included with the purchase of the Ryobi 18v Battery Fix. You will be able to download this straight away, after your purchase. Discover how to fix your old lead car battery today! 



  • An eBook containing the “Easiest Guide To Restoring Your NiCD Batteries” this will be made readily available as soon as you purchase this fantastic product.
  • Lifetime savings in batteries, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars or pounds…
  • A bonus eBook on how to “Fix Your Razor Blade”
  • A bonus eBook on how to “Fix Your Lead Acid Battery”

Our Crazy GuaranteeBeing a laborer, just like you, I always want to ensure I do the best possible work, so people make fantastic comments. Which is why I want you all to be happy with my product. So I will personally give you a 60 day money back guarantee. This is a no questions asked guarantee. Just send me an email within 60 days and I’ll refund all your money and you can even keep the product as a thank you for just trying it out. So this is No Risk on your behalf! Except you may save yourself $60-120 each time you need a new battery!


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