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I am guessing you’ve realised by now just how much a Dewalt battery, Makita battery and other cordless power tool NiCD batteries cost. Because like me, you probably replace them at regular intervals of around 1-2 years (sod’s law that it is usually just after the manufacturer warranty expires – typical!).

What really boils my blood and causes my blood pressure to rise is the need to carry an extra set of dewalt battery (s) and Makita battery (s) at all times, ensuring they are primed and ready to rock cos’ a power tool is as good as a bad arm when it has no power, right?

Did you know? The average price of a replacement power tool Dewalt battery in the UK is approximately £55 and in the US $94. Makita batteries are around the same price. These prices have been rising each year.

I am a professional joiner by trade which means my power tools have been used daily for over 15 years now. I reckon I’ve probably spent well over $1300 so far on batteries alone, that’s not including the price of replacing those bloody drill heads!

I thought there was nothing I could do to resolve this… I, like you, know that you need to have batteries to run your tools and the big issue is, the big boy manufacturer’s also know this.

My last job was the breaking point, I was working on a building site installing different types of mortise locks and they had no internal source for power (most big jobs don’t) which is why we rely on the generators. But not this time. I had to run my drill off a 18v Dewalt Battery, aiming to get through over 40 hardwood doors. That didn’t last half way through the day but luckily I had my Makita which came with a good battery and another that I’d bought - cos’ when you’re a professional on a building site you can’t afford to run out of power. Here I was with over $400 worth of batteries and I still was coming up short! I NEEDED MORE POWER!

That was enough. I was tired, cold and had an empty wallet. Every job had me thinking about the wear and tear I was putting on my batteries. It got to the point that every time I pressed the trigger on my drill I was calculating just how much it cost me just to work! I don’t want to spend my hard earned cash on batteries.

There had to be an alternative way of making this blasted Dewalt Battery last longer!

Later that week…

I received a phone call of my father who told me that my NiCD batteries weren’t damaged, and that I did not have to replace them every time, they could be saved! What he showed me I just could not believe…

“A 5 minute process restored all of my old batteries to the point of them charging like new.”

Make Any Nicad Battery Work
He then began to explain all of the technical details behind why. It was so complex I began to believe my father led a separate live, perhaps he was a secret agent for MI5 or the C.I.A – fixing batteries and combating world crime while wearing a cape and a welding mask. So I had my father sit down and explain why Nicad batteries go bad, how to stop it from happening and the process involved in fixing them to restore the power and charge potential they once had.

I translated all of that mumbo-jumbo into simple to follow steps I knew even a tech dummy like me could understand.

I then gave this guide to my friend Joe. Joe shared the same frustrations as I had, although he was hot headed and often found himself buying new drills as well as batteries. In fact Joe claimed he had over 10 Dewalt batteries and over 5 Makita batteries in the garage.

Joe couldn’t believe it; he is now saving over $900 every 3 years and needless to say he now considers me to be one of his best friends! He can spend that extra cash on a holiday with his family…

“The results were fantastic, My battery was charging at 3volts and now its all the way up to 18volts!”Jerrod, Home Developer


“Its a downloadable ebook that shows people how to fix Nicad Batteries, Its a real simple process!”John Paul, Handyman


“A dead battery that wouldnt hold the charge revived and is now like new, It only took me 10 minutes!!!”Peter Simons, Part time Joiner/Construction Worker

  • Your power tool charger shows your Dewalt Battery, Makita Battery and any other NiCad battery is full but it’s not.
  • You charge your Dewalt Battery, Makita Battery or NiCD Battery but it dies within hours or under performs.
  • Your Battery has been stored for months and has not been used.
  • You’ve spent a lot of money on replacements and now you’re sick of buying them.
  • You have very old and “Dead” Batteries sitting in your garage or shed!
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  • An Astonishing 95% Success Rate... some of them are just too far gone…
  • You can do this in the comfort of your own home.
  • No need for special tools.
  • Work’s on all voltage sizes from 1.2v to 36v.
  • Restore any NiCD Rechargable Battery (for any power tool) in literally minutes


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